Eddie Schmidt represents children, single mothers, families, the disabled, seniors, and working people who have been harmed by abusive and irresponsible conduct. Most folks Eddie represent have suffered a tragedy that has turned their lives upside down and have never had to hire a lawyer or thought about it.  Eddie does not advertise on TV, radio or billboards and does not have a high client volume office.  He only takes cases he is willing to try before a jury and works every case as though it will be tried.  If you have been needlessly harmed by irresponsible conduct and need a lawyer, or if you are a lawyer who needs expert assistance with a complicated case, you are invited to look over this website.



Practice Areas

  1. -Wrongful Death

  2. -Serious Injury

  3. -Product Defect

  4. -Reglan

  5. -Civil Litigation


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Suite 300

Nashville, TN. 37203

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